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Porcelain Bridges to Close Spaces

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    August 11, 2003

    Dr. Arnold has changed my life. Back in the 1980’s I started using drugs. I got so deep into the drugs that I did not care about my appearance. I stopped taking care of my teeth, and they slowly started to decay. I never went to see a dentist; I just let them get worse. I simply did not care. I would live with pain, I mean serious tooth pain. I never had the money to see a dentist. My life and my mouth were in really bad shape.

    In 1997 I had a life changing experience. I became a dad. My life took a turn for the better. I got off drugs and have been off drugs ever since. By this time I had neglected my teeth for over 10 years. I was getting headaches that were so bad I wished I were dead. Something had to be done. In early 2000 my grandma and grandpa passed away and I inherited a good sum of money.

    At this time I decided to see Dr. Arnold. It would turn out to be one of the best decisions I would ever make. Even though I never liked going to the dentist, Dr. Arnold told me there is nothing to fear. Dr. Arnold was right. He transformed my disgusting mouth into a work of art. I now have beautiful teeth and I live pain free. I eat better, I feel better, I look better, I love my new mouth.

    Since Dr. Arnold fixed my mouth I have gotten married, I got a new, better job, and I am a lot happier. Life is much better now. I smile all the time.

    Joe M.

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    "Dr. Arnold and his team have given me so much; they are truly angels. To give back a smile is to give back a whole new life. I want to live that new life to the fullest and to give back to others. So few people are willing to help others, and often no one wants to get involved.

    Dr. Arnold was very gentle and compassionate, and he created a very relaxing atmosphere for my care. My treatment went very well. Fixing the outside is also helping me to fix what's on the inside.

    Unfortunately, people judge you by your appearance, and I'm happy that I no longer have to worry about laughing, smiling, or speaking when I'm with others.

    I feel so good, and I'm trying to "pay it forward"; I want to touch as many lives as possible. I would like to appear on "Oprah" to draw attention to the dangers of domestic violence, and I would like to create a Web site that will provide support and help for victims of abuse.

    I am so blessed and am forever grateful."

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    Dear Dr. Jim and Team

    I'm one of those people that only went to the dentist when I had a problem. Lots of excuses, to busy, didn't like the drill, etc.

    Now that I'm getting a little older I finally decided that I had to deal with years of accumulated dental problems.

    From the minute I came through the front door of your office I knew this was going to be different from any of my previous dental encounters. Everyone in your office is friendly, professional and a pleasure to be around. I actually look forward to my visits.

    After a thorough check up and examination I decided on a complete dental make over.

    I can't believe how easy you and your team made this entire procedure for me. Your expertise along with the modem techniques and tools really made it easy. The entire process was totally painless and the final results are even better than I expected. I can't believe the difference.

    People tell me I'm smiling a lot more these days. I guess I have a new reason to smile.

    Finally, I'd like to thank you and your team for the way they treated me and for the wonderful new smile I'm wearing.


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    I am happy I chose Dr. Arnold to fix my teeth. The results are great. I like my smile and I feel more confident, therefore I do a lot of laughing these days.
    P.S. Thanks Dr. Arnold you’re great!

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    Dear Dr. Arnold and Team,

    I just wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did when I had my complete dental makeover. In the past few years, I had become extremely conscious of my smile because so much emphasis has been put on how white and how straight people's teeth are. I would be very conscious of smiling and talking to people since over the years my teeth have yellowed and were never perfect. I also had several bridges and silver caps. Now because of the make over, I have a beautiful set of pearly whites and I no longer worry about smiling.

    The process went smooth and was virtually painless. Coming to your office was a pleasure because of the way I was treated by the staff. They are great; they could not have been friendlier or more caring.

    Marlene DeYoung

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    To Whom it May Concern:

    Having invested tens of thousands of dollars in my mouth, at the age of 53, my teeth looked twenty years older than my face.

    Making the decision to have porcelain veneers was one of the better decisions of my life. What a significant difference in my appearance. I hope to have all my teeth done next year.

    Dr. Arnold has done an incredible job, helping me once again to smile at the world.


    Lisa W.

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    Dear Jim,

    Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how very pleased I am with the dental work you did for me. I cannot even begin to articulate what a positive change it made in my life. Both my professional career and personal life have improved dramatically.

    People respond to me much differently then before. The eye contact and body language responses are much more positive then ever. I believe by this occurring it in turn gives me more confidence and I find myself much more assertive and everyday just gets better.

    It’s been approximately a year since the dental work has been completed and I have absolutely no doubt what I would say if someone was to ask me what they should do, invest in the dental work or anything else, my answer would be the dental work.

    I can never thank you enough and if you ever need me as a reference don’t hesitate to call or feel free to give your patient my number. If the timing works, I would be more then willing to come over if you would like them to see it in person. Your work is outstanding!

    Take care, and again, thank you so much.


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    I have been around and through dental offices from New York, to Virginia, to Texas... and the teamwork within Dr. Arnold's office is the best I have ever experienced. To a person... they are GREAT!


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