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From the Mouths of Professionals

David S. Hornbrook, DDS, FAACD

Executive Director, the HornbrookGroup
San Diego, CA

These days everyone claims to be an expert. This is especially true in the arena of cosmetic and appearance related dentistry! Every advertisement, whether it be in the Yellow Pages or in a magazine claims that this particular dentist is the local authority on cosmetic dentistry. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth and the public is unknowingly falling prey to those clinicians that are less than qualified to truly provide the quality smile enhancement and restorative dental care they deserve. Most of these clinicians have attended a Friday course, watched a video, or read a dental journal to obtain their status of self-proclaimed “expert”.

One clinician that does not fit into this mold is Dr. Jim Arnold. Jim not only has attended thousands of hours in continuing education, including extensive hands-on and live-patient programs, he has been instrumental in the education of countless other clinicians desiring to increase their skill levels with these new procedures.

As one of the original founders of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, and now the Executive Director of the HornbrookGroup Seminars, I have been very selective in which clinicians achieve the status of “mentor” in these advanced programs. In fact, only 25 clinicians worldwide have obtained this distinction! Not only do these individuals need to possess exceptional clinical skills, they need to posses them at a level that is far beyond the average dentist. Their knowledge and expertise in new materials and techniques, and their ability to share this expertise with others has placed them in the top 1% of our profession.

Dr. Jim Arnold is one of these chosen clinicians and although he has guided numerous other clinicians, his primary benefactors are his patients. They are the ones that reap the benefits of his extensive training on a daily basis and I hope that they truly understand how lucky they are.

Dr. Peter D Boulden, DMD

Atlanta, Georgia

Over the years I have seen plenty of talented cosmetic dentists at continuing education courses. I can say without doubt that Dr. Jim Arnold is one of the most highly trained dentists in the country. Jim actually has a reputation amongst cosmetic dentist as continually dedicated to clinical education and excellence. I admire Jim because he is passionate about his profession in a way that other dentists envy. Jim really represents the best of what dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Rick Coker

Tyler, TX

Dr. Jim Arnold is one of the brightest and most engaging students of dentistry I have known in my 32 years of practicing dentistry. His energy and dedication to his patients are amazing, and I can vouch for both his personal character and professional integrity!

Dr. Gary Radz

Denver, CO

Dr. Jim Arnold, more than any dentist that I’ve met in my 10 years of traveling and teaching, has made a serious commitment to practice and patients through his dedication to learning and advancing his understanding and practice of advanced restorative and cosmetic dentistry. It seems like every month I see Jim at a different continuing education course, learning and perfecting the latest and greatest in what dentistry has to offer. I commend Jim for all of the time and effort this takes. Too many dentists are content to be “good”; Jim just won’t stop until he’s one of the very best!

Dr. Gerilyn Alfe

Chicago, IL

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Jim Arnold since 2001. We met while taking a continuing education course together here in Chicago, where I now practice. I’ve been heavily involved in CE since 1998 and find that I seem to bump into the same people over and over at these courses. The reason is that there is a very small percentage of dentists who care enough to improve themselves on a regular basis, so we seem to keep running into one another!

Dr. Arnold has made an enormous commitment to improving himself and his practice so he can offer the best dental care in Indiana to his patients.

He teaches with me at the prestigious HornbrookGroup, a hands-on course where we teach other dentists how to perform smile designs, extreme makeovers and more complex cases. Being involved with this group puts Dr. Arnold in the top 0.1% of dentists worldwide in his level of expertise and training. If I needed dental work done, I would not hesitate to have Dr. Arnold take care of me, even though it would mean an hour drive down from Chicago!

Dr. Mike Maroon

Berlin, CT

It shouldn’t matter that Dr. Jim Arnold has dedicated himself to being the best dentist he can be. It shouldn’t matter that he has taken countless hours of continuing dental education and spent precious time away from his family to learn how to provide the latest techniques and procedures in dentistry for you. It shouldn’t matter that he is so passionate about the dental profession that he has become an opinion leader in such a short time out of dental school and has received numerous awards and recognition from the dental community. It shouldn’t matter that he is a loyal husband, dedicated father and wonderful employer who believes in the importance of family. It shouldn’t matter that he cares so much about you, his patients, that he becomes personally involved in improving and maintaining your teeth and your health for a lifetime. It shouldn’t matter that he is dedicated to his community by being involved in several organizations that benefit the good of all. It shouldn’t matter that Dr. Jim Arnold does any of these things, but isn’t it nice to know that he does!

Dr. Trent Smallwood

Tempe, AZ

Having witnessed, first hand, the fantastic talent of Jim Arnold, I can safely say he is one of the few dentists in the country I would trust for my own dentistry, or that of my family’s. Rarely will you find an individual that possesses such a passion for dentistry, or has so much respect for his patients that he is willing to sacrifice thousands of hours, attaining higher education to better serve his own patients and teach other doctors, all over the country the value of what contemporary dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Tim Hale

Walden, New York

Perhaps the highest compliment we can receive is that from our peers. With that being said, Dr. Jim Arnold is perhaps one of the best our profession has to offer. Why? Because of his dedication to learning AND teaching continuing education, our profession can do no better. FACE accredited dentists are simply exceptional dentists.

Dr. Anthony J. Vocaturo

Bayonne, NJ

Dr. Arnold represents what all professionals should strive to be. He is a very knowledgeable and extremely competent dentist. I would feel very confident referring anyone to his care.

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