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Dental Implants & Oral Surgery Services in Valparaiso

At Smiles by Arnold & Associates, we are proud to offer advanced dentistry services to meet any patient needs. This includes dental implants and oral surgery.

Tooth Extraction Services

We will always do our best to help patients maintain their natural, healthy tooth structures, but there are some cases where removing teeth is the best thing for your overall oral health. Tooth extraction in our office is available for patients who need a traditional removal by “pulling,” surgical extractions, root removal, and wisdom teeth extractions. We offer safe and effective treatment options to remove teeth and maintain oral health.

Dental Implants

Replacing missing teeth used to mean only restoring those parts of the missing tooth visible above the gum line. Dental implants are posts inserted below the gum line where they mimic the natural form and function of the lost root structures of teeth. Based on the number and position of dental implants, these versatile restoration tools can be used to support any number of replacement teeth from one dental crown to a full denture. Surgically placing dental implants is the first part of a multiphase restoration process. In many dental offices, this procedure is completed by an outside practitioner, and then, the general dentist creates the replacement tooth or teeth. In our practice, the entire dental implant placement and restoration process is completed by our skilled team, offering patients a seamless treatment plan and flawlessly restored smile.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals have a reputation for being painful, but actually, they are comfortable treatments that relieve pain and protect a tooth from unnecessary extraction. Root canal therapy is necessary when tooth decay or damage reaches the interior layer of the tooth, called the pulp. Inside the pulp layers of the tooth, the entire nerve system of the tooth is housed. Root canal therapy is treatment that removes the damaged pulp and nerve structure to relive pain and prevent the need for extraction. We simply drill a hole from the top of the tooth to the pulp. Then, the damaged tissues are removed and replaced by a similar substance. The access hole is resealed, and in most cases, a protective dental crown is placed to strengthen the treated tooth. Following root canal therapy, most patients experience immediate relief from the toothache and dental sensitivity that typically occurs when damage or decay reaches the tooth’s nerve.

Reconstruction of Defects

There are certain defects that hurt oral health and function. Dr. Sales will resolve these defects to promote oral function and health using:

If you’re in need of oral surgery in Valparaiso, choose an experienced oral surgeon you can trust. Let Dr. Sales put your mind at ease and restore your oral function with dental surgery in Valparaiso.