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Laser Dentistry in Valparaiso and Chesterton, IN

Laser Dentistry

Heat and vibration are the cause of most of the discomfort associated with the drill, and 99 percent of dental procedures do not even require anesthesia when performed with a laser. The reason is that hydrokinetic cutting with a laser does not transmit heat or vibration. In addition, the laser's pinpoint accuracy gives precision to Dr. Arnold so he can leave in place more healthy tooth structure, allowing you to keep your teeth longer.

Waterlase Laser

All areas of technology are constantly changing, especially in the field of dentistry. Something new and improved is invented every day to replace the old and used. These innovations incessantly change the face of dentistry and the manner in which dentists perform patient care. Such advances like the Waterlase All-Tissue Dental Laser from BIOLASE, illustrate this point.

The Waterlase YSGG technology applies a remarkable mix of laser energy and water, or “HYDROKINETIC™" energy, to perform dental procedures minus use of the drill, often without the need for local anesthetic.

So, how does the Waterlase actually work? A laser beam energizes a highly precise spray of air and water. The water droplets absorb the laser energy and become laser-energized water particles, thus gaining the ability to rapidly remove enamel, dentin and decay.

The versatility of the Waterlase is unparalleled. It can be used in several aspects of dentistry including decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, bone procedures, recontouring (reshaping) of “gummy” smiles, general soft tissue procedures, and general dentistry using enamel and dentin on both children and adults.

Patients will benefit tremendously from the advantages of the Waterlase All-Tissue Dental Laser. Since this amazing device does not emit the typical vibration and heat people are accustomed to with conventional drills, the need for anesthesia shots is often unnecessary.

While providing pinpoint accuracy, the Waterlase™ can successfully be used to perform procedures without the probability of damaging surrounding tissue, or causing the common cracking and weakening of the teeth related with a conventional drill. What’s not to like?