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Full Upper Arch Smile Rejuvenation and Reconstruction

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    Dr. Arnold was my mentor during my training in cosmetic dentistry. After taking courses I too wanted to improve my smile. Naturally, I wanted Dr. Arnold to do my case. I loved his attention to detail, positive attitude, and patience.

    Lets just say the result is fantastic! Thanks Jim.

    Dr. Sharon P.

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    I am happy I chose Dr. Arnold to fix my teeth. The results are great. I like my smile and I feel more confident, therefore I do a lot of laughing these days.
    P.S. Thanks Dr. Arnold you’re great!

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    I CAN SMILE AGAIN! I feel like my teeth are back to what they were 40 years ago.  I would do this again in a minute.  This is one of the Best things I could have done!


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    This Valparaiso restaurant owner was unhappy with her smile and the appearance of her old dental work. We restored her upper arch with a bridge and ten porcelain veneers. She was thrilled with the result and greets her patrons with a happy smile every day.

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    To Whom it May Concern:

    Having invested tens of thousands of dollars in my mouth, at the age of 53, my teeth looked twenty years older than my face.

    Making the decision to have porcelain veneers was one of the better decisions of my life.  What a significant difference in my appearance.  I hope to have all my teeth done next year.

    Dr. Arnold has done an incredible job, helping me once again to smile at the world.


    Lisa W.

    This real estate agent lacked confidence when she met with clients due to her insecurity about her smile. After completing some preliminary dental treatment, we restored her 14 upper teeth with porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns. We also replaced a missing tooth with an all-porcelain bridge. This cosmetic dental work made a big impact on her life and career as she regained confidence and started smiling constantly.

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