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Want More Convenience? Here’s How a Family Dentist in Chesterton Can Help

January 21, 2019

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family of four smiling huggingAs the leader of your family, you’ve taken it upon yourself to ensure better oral health for everyone this year. You’ll need professional assistance to make this happen, though. Should you seek multiple dentists to meet your family’s varied needs, or will one dentist in Chesterton suffice? Read on to find out how working with the right professional can make your life much easier!

The Value of a Family Dentist

When you work with a dentist who can provide comprehensive care for the entire family, you can save time, money and valuable energy that could be used in other areas of your life. It also provides a way for all your family’s oral health history to be centralized in one area and easily accessible.

Thus, if there are any trends developing that could be genetically related, your dentist can identify them and develop a strategy to restore the oral wellness of the entire family.

Common Procedures Done Under One Roof

Here are some of the more common types of dental procedures that can be performed by a family dentist:

  • Fillings – Over time, bacteria can begin to accumulate and form plaque, which is a sticky, clear substance that eventually bores holes in teeth called cavities. A filling will restore the tooth’s function and prevent further damage.
  • Crowns – The crown of the tooth is the part that emerges above the gum line. If it becomes weak, worn or is missing, a crown replacement will be needed. Once the new fixture is in place, the full function of the tooth will be restored.
  • Extractions – If you have younger children, then at some point, they’re likely to need an extraction of a wisdom tooth. For adults, a removal may be needed to prevent further decay or because of severe damage. A family dentist can address either scenario.
  • Root Canals – A more complex procedure, a root canal is performed to remove the decaying tissue and the root at the center of a tooth. Then, the same is restored using a special compound that fills the vacated area.

Why Comfort Matters

Working with a dentist that all your family members feel comfortable with is essential for creating productive oral health habits. The familiarity that comes along with working with one professional also aids in squelching any fears or anxieties anyone may have about receiving dental care.

So to schedule the first visit, reach out today, and prepare to chart a new future for your family’s oral health!

About the Author

A graduate of the Indiana University School of Dentistry, Dr. James Arnold has over 20 years of experience practicing dentistry. Not one to rest on his laurels, he still pursues more knowledge through taking continuing education courses. Dr. Arnold also maintains membership in such organizations as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Crown Council and others. He combines his years of experience and his advanced knowledge to provide comprehensive care for the whole family at Smiles by Arnold & Associates. Dr. Arnold can be reached for more information through his website.


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