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Cosmetic Dentist in Valparaiso Helps with Tetracycline Stains

May 7, 2019

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TetracyclineThere are many ways for your teeth to become stained. It may be a result of a lifetime of drinking coffee and wine. Or it could be a result of old age wearing away the enamel. But while these stains happen over time, there’s one particular cause of tooth discoloration that children are particularly vulnerable to: tetracycline. Learn more about how this drug can affect developing teeth – and how it can be treated by your cosmetic dentist in Valparaiso.


Your Local Dentist Explains How Dental Insurance Works

April 14, 2019

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woman smiling sitting in dentist chairYou’re looking to revamp your dental health this spring by visiting your dentist to receive expert care, but there’s one problem: you don’t know how your dental insurance works, and you’re wondering, “What will it cover?” You no longer have to guess because as you read on, that and other questions are answered, so you can move forward with receiving the preventive care you need to protect your mouth, teeth and gums!


Your Dentist Explains Why It’s Dangerous to Ignore Sleep Apnea

April 5, 2019

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woman sleeping peacefully on sideOver 22 million Americans suffer from some form of sleep apnea, a condition that is alarmingly on the rise. Unfortunately, though, many of the people suffering from the issue haven’t been diagnosed. Thus, they are at risk of encountering the peripheral problems that can arise – some of which can be life-threatening. Read on to find out why ignoring the warning signs of sleep apnea could be a huge mistake, and also discover how your dentist can help out!


How Can Invisalign in Valparaiso Help Your Smile?

March 25, 2019

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person smiling with aligners inIf you missed the chance to have braces when you were younger to straighten your crooked teeth, your smile is most likely still suffering. Now as an adult, you notice it more and are self-conscious of grinning in pictures and during social situations. You want to straighten them, but the thought of committing for possibly years to a mouthful of cumbersome braces isn’t doable. Not with your professional ambitions. Fortunately, Invisalign in Valparaiso can give you your best smile without the added inconveniences of traditional braces. Check out this helpful information about how Invisalign aligners work and what benefits they can offer you.   (more…)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Receiving Dental Implants in Valparaiso

March 13, 2019

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older man smiling blue shirtYou no longer have to settle for the traditional above-the-gum methods for replacing your missing teeth. With dental implants in Valparaiso, you now have a way to regain the full functionality and smile aesthetics that you’ve been missing for far too long. Before committing, though, you want to know how the procedure works and how long it will take to be fully restored. Read on to get the answers you need!


Laser-Focused Results with Help from Your Family Dentist in Chesterton!

February 18, 2019

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woman mouth open receiving dental careThe world of dentistry is constantly changing. Thus, it’s valuable to work with a family dentist in Chesterton who stays ahead of the curve when it comes to technological advancements.  An example is laser dentistry. A fairly new application, it offers several benefits. Learn about the new era in dentistry as you continue reading!


Is It Time for Your Child’s Wisdom Teeth to Come Out? Here’s What to Expect

February 2, 2019

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young woman in the dentist’s chairYour child has come to that point in her life when the dentist has said, “It’s time.” While that could mean many things, what your child’s dentist is referring to is it’s time to have her wisdom teeth removed. These pesky third molars don’t serve the same purpose they once did, so usually, they don’t need to stay; however, that’s not always the case. Whether your child is preparing to take on the look of a chipmunk for a few days or not, let us explain why there’s a need for this type of removal and what to expect.

Want More Convenience? Here’s How a Family Dentist in Chesterton Can Help

January 21, 2019

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family of four smiling huggingAs the leader of your family, you’ve taken it upon yourself to ensure better oral health for everyone this year. You’ll need professional assistance to make this happen, though. Should you seek multiple dentists to meet your family’s varied needs, or will one dentist in Chesterton suffice? Read on to find out how working with the right professional can make your life much easier!


Your Family Dentist in Valparaiso Says Revamp Your Oral Health!

January 5, 2019

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man with glasses smiling nice teeth As the new year kicks-off, you’re full of excitement about all the possibilities that await you. In your quest to achieve your goals, though, your family dentist in Valparaiso says don’t forget about the importance of having excellent oral health. If you fell short in this area last year, then learn what you can do to turn things around this year!


How Long Will Veneers Last? A Cosmetic Dentist in Chesterton Weighs In

December 9, 2018

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Veneer being placed on a front tooth Did you know that porcelain veneers were actually created by a dentist in Hollywood around 90 years ago? They were a way to temporarily cover the smile imperfections of actors and actresses while they were shooting scenes and could be taken off at the end of the day. Over the years, dentists wanted to make veneers a more semi-permanent solution and developed techniques and materials to make that possible. But although veneers last a relatively long time, they still don’t last forever. If you’ve been thinking of getting veneers from a cosmetic dentist in Chesterton, keep reading to find out how long they typically last and how you can maintain them for as long as possible!


5 Tips From a Family Dentist in Valparaiso To Improve Your Child’s Oral Health

December 2, 2018

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A smiling child brushing their teeth Here’s a statistic that may surprise you: An estimated 42% of children age 2-11 have had cavities. And although you may think it isn’t a big deal because you can just get them filled, the more cavities children have now, the more oral health problems they’re likely to have later. But the good news is that there are some easy ways to prevent tooth decay and minimize the amount of dental work your child needs from a family dentist in Valparaiso. Keep reading for 5 great tips that will start making a difference right away.


Don’t Settle for an Extraction Just Yet Says Dentist in Chesterton

November 14, 2018

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A woman at her dental appointment.Is your tooth damaged either due to decay or because of a dental injury? Many individuals, especially older folks, believe that after a tooth is cracked, the only option is to get an extraction and move on. Luckily, that is definitely not the case. In fact, there are multiple ways you can save your tooth, according to a dentist in Chesterton.

The two most common methods for saving teeth include crowns and root canal therapy. In the event your tooth does need to be extracted, a dentist can help you as well.


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